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Dad's Marital Advice

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​There are a small amount of people in this world who can make such an impact in your life and who are remembered and honored years after they pass.  That would be my daddy. My father was an amazing man.  A true healer to everyone who came in contact with him.  He had a special way to make a stranger feel like a longtime friend that you could tell all of your deepest and darkest secrets to without ever feeling judged.  I am such a daddy's girl and had a very special relationship with him.  He was my rock, my mentor, my cheerleader and best friend.  I could tell him everything about my personal life and he was the one person I could go to and ask for sex or relationship advice.  I know it sounds gross or weird but if you knew him, you would understand because of how honest, open and non-judgmental he was.   

​He had such a big heart that it finally had given out at the young age of 57.  Still to this day I talk to him and ask for his advice.  Yes I talk to the dead....  By now you're probably thinking , well gee this doesn't sound like my normal sex blogs but don't worry I never disappoint my readers.  

​Hopefully you are lucky enough to have been raised with awesome supportive parents that can give you honest advice about love and life.  In my case, I was sooooo lucky.  I remember the best marital advice my dad ever gave me, and he gave me a lot of advice.  He said, 

1: Tennille.  When you marry your beshert (your true destined soulmate) you have to do everything in your power to protect that bond.  Don't let outside bullshit effect your marriage.

2: Marriage is not 50/50. It's not. It's 150/150. Marriage is not easy and it's not complicated either.  It's quite simple actually if you marry the right person.  Someone who believes in doing anything and everything that their partner doesn't want to do.  For example.  If i'm thirsty but I am working and don't want to get up, my husband gladly gets up and gets me a large glass of water.  And I do the exact same for him.  This way we are always doing something for the other person and making each other's life easier. .  

3. Your children DON'T come first.  Don't let them think that they do either.  Your spouse comes first.  ALWAYS.  Your job as a parent is to raise good honest humans, you keep them fed, educated and hopefully out of jail.  Your spouse has to come first because you have to be on the same page with the discipline, beliefs, etc...  so they aren't raised confused or manipulating one parent.  If you always treat your spouse that they come first then you hopefully don't grow apart and once the kids move out, you're still best friends.  Always remind each other why you fell in love in the first place.  Plus your children will also be raised seeing what a healthy marriage looks like and not spoiled little assholes. 

4. Celebrate your marriage every 10 years (hopefully more) by doing something to truly remind yourselves how much passion you have and why you got married in the first place.  Whether it's renewing your vows, going on a big vacation or doing something out of the ordinary.  (my husband and I decided to take sexy portraits on the beach every 10 years.  We went to the Bahamas for our 10 year anniversary and had our friends take gorgeous portraits of us and we now hang it in our bedroom)

 5. The golden nugget advice.  My husband never met my father but loves him so much and loves telling everyone the advice my dad gave me.  So ladies and gents. Here's the true secret to a happy marriage. According to my daddy, Dr Wasserman.  "Marry a man who believes in "happy wife, happy life" but it's also your job to believe "stomach full, balls empty"  It's that simple, feed them and fuck them.  That's it folks.  Keep it simple.  Unless theirs a medical reason that's keeping you from having sex, have sex and passion as often as you can with your Beshert. 

Love Dad

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