Multiple colors of fruit roll ups

The Question No One Asks

How often do you go down on your man? Do you enjoy it or dread it? What is it about his twigs and berries that you love or avoid? His size or smell? Or maybe it's his taste? Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. It can be oh so good or oh hell no down there. Let's talk about giving a pleasurable head; not just for him, but pleasurable for you too.



Before you continue indulging in my memoir, if you are a prude or uptight, then stop reading this. Go back to cleaning your house while tending to your crying Ivy League prodigies. Actually, just don't read any of my blogs because you will not like them, or worse, you will. But for those of you who read my blogs regularly, call me, because we should be friends.


A Tasteful Treat

A few years ago I remember reading about fun ways to lick your man's . So I wanted to try a few new tricks. It was my week to be adventurous in the bedroom.If you have read my previous blogs, you know what I'm talking about. I told Adam to meet me in the bedroom on a Friday night at 7. He was in charge of bringing a few fun supplies for the evening. He had no clue what was in store for him, but he knew it was going to be fun. He was commanded to bring his blindfold, wrist ties, strawberry fruit roll-ups and to light 10 candles around the room. Why ten? Because I fucking said so.

 fruit roll up 01

I'm About To Own Him

I laid him on his back with the candlelight glistening off his gorgeous chest and Ellie G was playing in the background. I slowly tied his right hand to the bedpost and then the other hand. I blindfolded his very excited but nervous eyes.

Ladies, I highly recommend that when you have your man in this position, just take a few minutes to look at him. There is nothing he can do and he is at your mercy. You OWN him right now. All of him. So enjoy it....

The Tease

Then, I took the fruit roll up and slowly wrapped it tightly around his cock, starting from the base up to the tip. My love had the biggest smile on his face because now he knew what was in store for him and he loved every bit of it. I slowly massaged his cock with my tongue, tasting nothing but strawberry goodness, I thought to myself, now this is how you give head. Everything was going so perfectly. I felt like a rock star cock sucker who was giving him the best head ever. It was sticky, it was messy, and oooooh so yummy.

Just as I was thinking nothing could go wrong, I heard giggles. Yes a low mischievous giggle. I looked up and he was staring right at me. His blindfold-less eyes were open wide and he was cracking up. I guess I didn't tie the blindfold tight enough. He told me I looked like a clown eating his penis.

fruit roll up 02

The Finale

This shit was alllll over my face. On my cheeks, running down my neck, between my teeth and fingers.Not to mention the sheets looked like a murder scene.I didn't realize how much I drool when I give head but apparently it's a lot. I didn't care, I wasn't going to let his balls get blue after everything I went through. So, I re-covered his eyes and told him to forget everything he just saw; and I continued mauling him one generous suck at a time.

fruit roll up 03

So ladies, next time you're walking down the snack isle, grab a fruit-roll-up and remember to tie the blindfold tightly.

fruit roll up 04