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And we are still at it. What started off as a 16-day sex challenge has now turned into day 152 as of today. We have seen it allllll, the good the bad the ugly and it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. We have fucked through periods, snot and boogers, cramps, fights, jet lags, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, torn meniscus, house guests, and more. My husband has lost 6 layers of skin on his dick and my pussy will never look the same again. I'm serious. She has been beaten, bruised, and is forever ruined. My Clit is so freaking sensitive that it hurts to talk about it. Below is a before and after photo of my girl. GGGRRR

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If you are wondering what I'm talking about, My husband and I are on an endless sex challenge to see how long we can go with having sex every single day no matter what obstacles are thrown our way. It's honestly a ton of fun and we don't think we will stop unless there's a medical reason and we are forced to. To get caught up, here's part 1, part 2,  and part 3 of our challenge.

How Others Have Reacted

If you recall, the first 60 days was all about trying new positions. It still is and there have been a few bumps in the road caused by flu season and adventurous sports activities but non the less we have not had one day without having sex. The biggest learning experience from this challenge is that we realized we CAN NOT tell people that we are doing it. We thought by telling other couples how much fun it is, that we would encourage them to do the same because we know how amazing it is and how it has brought us closer. But in reality, no one wants to hear how great your sex life is, especially when they aren't getting/wanting any. The most common response I have received from other women (except my close friends) is a very confused look with a follow-up response of "Why? Or a happy facial expression with "You mean how long you can go WITHOUT having sex? ummm nope :) Before Covid started (yes we started this before covid was even a thing) The most common response was, "Please DO NOT tell my husband" and 3 years later I now hear the opposite, "Can you please have your husband talk to my husband?" It's been incredibly fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking all around and makes us truly appreciate how RARE we are and that we MUST protect it.  We realized that no matter which response we get, couples are really missing something in their marriage and it's heartbreaking. So other than the few friends who have been incredibly supported and excited since the beginning of our journey, we continue to keep it to ourselves and my blogs.

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The Ultimate Routine

Ok now that I have mentioned all of the negatives about the challenge, let's continue with how freaking awesome it is. We are now at the point where it truly is part of our nightly routine and it's expected. There have been nights when we know there may be a chance we won't have sex so we make sure to schedule sex earlier that day. On days 88-100 we were traveling through Europe and were able to have sex in 2 continents in the same day which was fun. During our 154-day challenge, we have only had 4 small arguments because intimacy truly creates a beautiful connection and we have vacationed a lot more. Just the two of us. We have made more money at work and been more productive in both our personal and professional life. We have found ourselves more relaxed, calm, and at peace than before. I have lost weight (only 5 pounds) but shit I'll take it.

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Start Doing Something

So ladies and gents, I beg of you, please start some sort of your own intimacy challenge with your partner. Try new positions, new toys, new locations, and above all, just fall back in love with each other if you have been finding yourselves in a rut. The world would be a better place if we all included more intimacy in our lives, ie: holding hands, kissing, talking about fantasies, laughing, traveling, and connecting.  Who doesn't want to feel "wanted and desired" in one way or another?

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