Blonde woman laying on the floor wearing black lingerie and thigh high stockings

Getting Started

So you finally decide to pull the trigger and book your first Boudoir session. Now what? Well, now it's time to go shopping. You start by looking in your closet and pulling out your sexy and not-so-sexy pieces. It's fun taking photos of a few things that your partner has seen you in, but it's important and even more exciting to add a few pieces that take you out of your comfort zone. Your partner will be drooling over your photos (and you) and seeing a whole new side of you. A side he hasn't seen in a while. Or maybe not since Tuesday night! During our session, some of my ladies like to pretend they are an actor playing a role in a movie. No, NOT porn, but being able to step into another character for at least a few hours. Why the hell not?

The Do's and Don'ts When Buying Lingerie

Make sure you know your best fit.  Most quality lingerie shops will help you measure your bust/cup size to ensure you wear a size that will give you the best support.  Don't have time to go in person? Try Cuup;  they help you find and understand your best cup size with their Virtual Fitting

The Do's

  • Choose items to compliment his/her favorite parts of your body
  • Pick out pieces that fit you properly and don't wait until the last minute to shop for new items.
  • Buy items that show off your fun personality
  • Remember, no one cares what the tag says. 
  • Bring a large T-shirt or his favorite sports jersey
  • It may not always look incredible in person but it's going to be fantastic in photos with the right posing
  • Props are Always FUN - bring something fun that shows you care about his/her hobbies
  • Buy one size up if purchasing from a new online shop
  • Shop for YOU. Wear what makes you feel incredibly confident and sexy
  • BE BOLD! Incorporate something you wouldn't normally wear but always secretly wanted to.

The Don'ts

  • Don't STRESS. Wearing nothing at all while draping a satin sheet across your curves is innocently sexy

Ideas to Personalize Your Session

  • A Jersey from their favorite sports team
  • A glass of their favorite alcohol
  • Sports, hobbies, collectibles, food, etc...
  • Whips, Handcuffs, Belts, Nipple Clamps, Butt Plugs, etc...
  • Weapons - Guns, knives, etc...

*(ALWAYS, get approval prior to your session and make sure nothing is loaded)

Shop Online

 The following list includes some of the most popular stores I have collected from my clients over the years.  I am not affiliated with them and am not compensated for promoting them. 

Budget-Friendly Lingerie Shops:



Luxury Lingerie Shops 

 Luxury doesn't always mean expensive.

The creativity is endless. A Boudoir session is about bringing out your confidence and loving yourself from the inside out while capturing who you are in this chapter of your life.