You have all heard of the popular date night where you step into an art studio, grab a glass of wine, and paint a beautiful painting together on a blank canvas.  Well, here at Romantic Moments by T Studio in Franklin TN, we have taken that concept to a whole new adventure.  Your bodies are your canvases.  This experience has our clients falling in love with each other in a deeper way than they ever thought possible.  Plus what a great conversation starter at dinner parties :) 

It's beautiful to see how well my clients work together as one unit to create their final art. They concentrate on each brushstroke ensuring it compliments not only their partner's natural form but it also compliments the patterns and colors of each other so they don't clash.  As your photographer I give guidance and suggestions however, I want my clients to just let go and paint what they feel at that exact moment. That way every time they look at their images, they will remember the moment, thoughts, and feelings they had when they made that particular design on their partner's body. 

dt momentsbyt 3366 thumb

In the gentle caress of each stroke, unforgettable memories are created, etching themselves into the very fabric of your relationship. The vibrant colors meld with their emotions, capturing the passion and love you share. It becomes a dance of trust and vulnerability, as you allow your bodies to be transformed into a living work of art.

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I believe that the human body is a work of art, capable of expressing the deepest emotions and desires. With brushes in hand and hearts intertwined, couples embark on an intimate journey of self-expression, as they paint and explore each other's bodies. The act of transforming yourselves into living masterpieces brings you closer than ever before, celebrating the unique beauty that lies within.

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What sets this experience apart is the perfect blend of romance and enjoyment. As you dive into this artistic adventure, laughter fills the air, mingling with the gentle strokes of the brush. It's an opportunity to let go of inhibitions, to revel in the joy of shared creativity. As you exchange vibrant colors and embrace the sensuality of touch, the connection between you and your partner deepens, igniting a fire that burns brighter than ever.

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In the quest for romance and adventure, couples often find themselves yearning for something out of the ordinary. Enter our studio, where the naked body becomes a beautiful canvas, and together, you transform into masterpieces of love. Brace yourselves for a truly romantic and fun-filled date night like no other.

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Are you ready to embark on a date night adventure that transcends the ordinary? We invite you and your partner to step into our studio, where you can explore the depths of your connection and unleash your artistic spirits. Release your inhibitions, let your brushes dance across each other's bodies, and create a masterpiece of love that will adorn your walls for eternity.

Join us for a night filled with laughter, passion, and pure joy. Rediscover each other in a way that words cannot express. Experience turning your naked bodies into canvases of love. Embrace the beauty that lies within and let your creativity soar.

Book your session today and prepare to be captivated by the masterpiece that is your love.



Where are you located?  Franklin TN

Do I have to provide the paint? No, At my studio I have everything prepared for you before you arrive.  You will have plenty of paint options, brushes, and stencils

What if I am not creative?  We are all creative in our own ways. That's the best part. You can't screw up. It's paint :) If you don't like what you drew then wipe it off and start again. I have a lot of different printouts for you to look at that will help spark your creative mind and help give you inspiration

Can I bring alcohol?  Yes, you certainly can. For liability reasons, there will be a limit on how much you drink though :)

Will we be able to shower afterward?  Yes, I have a private shower in my studio. Taking a shower together is the perfect ending to your adventure. 

How long will the session take?  Count on 3 hours. The painting portion takes the longest as we don't want to rush that part :) I recommend going out to dinner afterward so you can giggle and talk about how much fun you had together. 

Are there any photos included in the session?  Just like the other photoshoots in my studio, all of the images and products are sold separately so you can design the perfect package that fits your needs and your budget.


Hear what my clients are saying about their experiences. Miss T  - "We recently spent an evening with Tennille to do a Glow shoot. This was most definitely one of the best date night experiences we have had! The setting is not rushed at all as we painted each other in preparation for the glow photoshoot. Tennille had some great suggestions for what works well with the lighting and the effects of the glow paint but from there we were free to use our own creativity. The photos are so awesome and literally are artwork! If you are looking for a unique couples date night experience I highly recommend contacting Romantic moments By T!! "