Couple sitting forehead to forehead on a boat on Boracay Island

How we met

Adam and I met online through J-Date back in 2007. I was a single mom living on Kauai, HI, and Adam was living in Sherman Oaks, CA. I had been on and off of Jdate for years and after many failed first dates (always flying to the mainland since there were no Jews on Kauai).  Right before I was about to take another break from the exhausting disappointment, I saw a profile that didn't disappoint.  I loved everything about his profile, that was until I saw his photos.  (Yes photos matter).  Really it was just one photo that caught my eye.  This very attractive man, standing in front of a small private plane looks like he just stepped off the set of Miami Vice.  He was wearing a white suit with a very flamboyant pink button-down shirt.  I immediately thought he was gay.  (I had been previously married to a secretly gay man, so I really wasn't in the mood to marry another one. So I moved on to the next profile.  Now back in CA, Adam only signed up on Jdate to please his mom for Mother's Day and had absolutely no intentions of meeting a nice Jewish woman. He set his radius to 25 miles because he was definitely not in the market to travel to meet a girl. :)  Then one day he was bored and checked out "See who looked at your profile"  Thank you Jdate for having that feature.  He saw my profile and immediately told his business partner "If I ever meet this woman, I'm going to marry her"  It probably helped that I was wearing a bikini in one of my photos haha. Whatever works, right? It all started with a short and very generic message to me. "Aloha, it looks like we have a lot in common. If you agree, hit me back"  Ugh, right? So my reply was cheesy and shorter than his. "You had me at Aloha".  Thank you Jerry Maguire.

The Moment We Knew

After speaking on the phone and Internet (web-cam) for 2 weeks, he flew out to Kauai to meet me in person. I flew my 7-year-old daughter to stay with my mom on Maui for the weekend so he didn't meet her immediately. As soon as he got off the plane I knew I would marry him. Our first date was ziplining through Kauai (the first time for both of us). The next day I took him Kayaking through Hanalei Bay river and after spending 24 hours with my goofy ass he changed his flight and stayed for a few more days. So, Savannah flew back home with my brother. Savannah was glued to him and didn't want him to go home. We flew back and forth from LA to HI, every 8-10 days after that. The rest is history


How He Proposed

Adam and I met on March 9th, 2007. On July 1st he flew to Maui for my sister's wedding and asked my mom for permission to marry me. On July 16th he flew back to Hawaii as a layover to pick me up and take me to the Philippines because he had business to do there. (I didn't really want to go but my mom convinced me because she knew he was going to propose). We stayed on Boracay for a few days before his meetings in Manilla. I loved our boat captain because he picked us up from the airport, and drove us to the boat, the three of us were the only ones on the boat. As soon as we reached the middle of the ocean, Adam got on his knee, he started off with "I can't do this anymore" and I heard nothing else after that. I thought he was breaking up with me in the middle of the ocean, on our way to a very small island in the Philippines, and all I could think about was murdering him and calling my best friends to come to bail me out of jail. I honestly don't know what else he said after that first line but when I saw the ring, I said "hell yes" haha

proposal 02 full

My Hero

Our captain walked us through the spider-house (an abandoned resort ) to get to our hotel where we were the only guests. We were definitely going to get m$$rdered. So Adam checked us out 5 minutes later, ran across the beach, hopped on the little buggies, and found another resort up in the mountains., came back and picked me up (yes he left me alone with just our boat captain who recommended we get a massage by a blind man) we're definitely getting m$$rdered. haha But I didn't even think about that, I knew Adam just wanted everything to be perfect for that vacation. and it was. Boracay was incredible. We went scuba diving (my first time and never took a lesson) had hour massages for $6 on the beach and had the absolute best time. Our new resort was stunning. They had rose petals on the bed when we walked in and the room had outdoor showers with geckos climbing up our shower walls. Just perfection.

proposal 03

Our Journey Continues

6 Weeks later my daughter and I moved to LA to be with him and 5 months later we were back on Maui getting married in front of 80 of our closest friends and family as witnesses.  

wedding 01

As of 2023 (16 years later), we are stronger than ever and have continued to build the most incredible connection. Emotionally, physically, and sexually. We are so thankful for that moment when Adam clicked on the "See who viewed your profile" button.  Otherwise, our paths would never have crossed.  Online dating is like flipping rocks.  Just keep flipping until you find your diamond.