Adult snowman giving head

Making Memories

Back In 2007, we flew to Lake Tahoe for a quick weekend getaway. It was a fun-filled 2 days with a ton of snow and adventures. We went snowmobiling, gambled a little, went to sex shops (bought way too much lube), and as much as we could cram into the short trip.

want to build a snowman 01

While sitting at the bar (all good ideas come from the bar) we thought, let's go build a snowman but not just any snowman. hahah. So the bartender gave us everything we would need.

It's all in the details

  • Carrot for his cock
  • Parsley for his pubes
  • Limes for his balls
  • Lemon slice for his mouth and her Vagina
  • Large Olives for their eyes
  • Olive ring for her butthole
  • Orange Halved for her mouth
  • Celery stick for his nose
  • Pinapple Head stick for his Hair
  • Tree branches for her legs
  • dead grass for her hair

want to build a snowman 02

We didn't even notice that we build it right in front of a neighborhood until we were finished. We were so focused on finding a spot with as much fluffy snow as possible.  We didn't notice all of the houses behind us until a family walked by and the mom covered her kids eyes.  Ooops Both parents were cracking up though and they both gave us a thumbs up. We did destroy it after we were done asking a random person to take our photo :)

Live Your Best Life

The next time you find yourself in the snow, I hope that you build a snowman too.

Enjoy our snowman

want to build a snowman 06