couple in the snow laughing and in love

Finding the Energy

Adam and I have been married for over 13 years, own 2 companies, plus run a successful adult blog, and have a daughter finishing up pre-med at Columbia in NYC. Whether you work til midnight 7 days a week like us or have 8 kids at home, you're always busy and find alone time with your partner can be very difficult and sometimes feel like it's more energy that you just don't have at the moment.

Keeping it Spicy

If you read my other blog about marital advice then you know that Adam and I are always trying to find fun sweet ways to kink up our relationship and keep it spicy. There's nothing we won't do for each other and that is especially true in the bedroom. The one rule we have though is that we don't invite others into our sex life. We do not judge others for their sexual preference because each person's kink is their own business. We have so many friends who are swingers, poly, LGBTQ, etc... and they are all freaking amazing people who we adore and love hanging out with. We love learning from them and to be honest we get a lot of our fun ideas from their stories.

sex challenge 02

How It Began

​Well, 2 months ago Adam read an article about a celebrity couple who did a 30-day sex challenge and it changed their marriage. So the very next day came up to me and said he thought we should do a Sixteen-day sex challenge and we can call it the Sexteen Challenge. He challenged me to have sex no matter what, with no excuses for the next 16 days straight. Challenge accepted. So we started it the day after my period ended and unfortunately 2 days before my mom came to stay with us for a week. The timing was horrible but that's the point of the challenge. NO EXCUSES.

​The sixteen days came and went. We did great. Out of the two weeks, there were 3 nights that we both really were not in the mood and were flat-out exhausted. Those nights were "Stick it and quit it" nights so we could still keep the streak alive. On those nights Adam would say, "Babe, this is going to be a, get him hard, stick him in and roll over, kind of night". There was 1 night that we argued about something stupid so I was definitely NOT in the mood to give him any pleasure. That was another just the "Stick it and quit it" and he had to get himself hard. Remember, no matter what, no excuses. I can honestly say, that it was the best thing we have done in a very long time. We felt closer to each other, it was so much fun because it was another great project we were doing together and because it was a challenge to be completed, we didn't want to say "Well we did a sex challenge but there were a few nights we were not in the mood". Fuck That Shit. We were not failing this challenge. If you know us in real life, then you know how cheesy we are. Yes, we would high-five each other after each night was finished.

sex challenge 03

The Final Climax Continued

Finishing the challenge was the best feeling. I don't care if you just start off with a 5-day challenge. DO IT. It will improve your relationship and change it completely. Especially if you are doing it long enough to have nights that are completely inconvenient but you still finish the challenge together.

Now if you think we stopped after 16 days, you don't know us at all. Stay tuned for the next blog with more tips and tricks for sex challenges. At the end of the challenge, Adam bought us a few gifts from Lingerie Diva. I think he was more excited about the challenge and wanted to reward me for finishing it. I think a part of him thought we wouldn't. The gifts he purchased were perfect because they were just little ways to continue to keep our sex life alive and thriving. I'll post what they are soon. I want to try them first to give a proper report for you. :)

I hope you all fuck a little more tonight.