Adam and Tennille dressed up for Halloween as Ken and Workout Barbie


Before you read this blog, make sure you start off with part 1. If you remember the first part, Adam and I started doing a 16-day sex challenge and even though it was a little challenging, it was so much fun and extremely important for our busy schedule. When we were cumming to the finish line of the first challenge, Adam looked at me and asked if I wanted to continue the challenge to make it a 30-day challenge instead. He had the brightest eyes and biggest smile when I replied "HELL YES". So here we go, we continued on and this time around it was easier and more part of our daily routine.

It Becomes a Part of You

During the first 16 days, you can feel like it's a chore but eventually, you will feel it's more like brushing your teeth before you go to bed. It's just part of your nightly routine and you can't go to bed until you have completed everything. We wanted to do something a little different for the second half of the challenge so we decided to go to our favorite sex position website. Sex Info 101. You can read all about that website here. Each night we would choose a different position to try. However each night we would close our eyes and just randomly click on a position and not matter how ridiculous or impossible it was, we were going to at least try. There was one that made us laugh so hard because there was no way in hell we could do it, it involved using a pull-up bar and I'm holding my body up by wrapping my legs around him. UMMMM NOPE. We are not the Hulk.

sex challenge part 2 01

Oh The Creativities Are Endless

This is one of the ones I pointed to. For a great laugh, it's the best. I mean seriously??? Maybe it's for double-dicking? IDK. My favorite part of this challenge was when we were trying new positions that didn't work and laughing so hard that our bellies hurt.

On their site, you can register for a free account and create your very own Sex Position Bucket List. Keep track of which positions you've tried, mark your favorites, and ignore any positions that aren't for you! Just register to start a free bucket list with all of our positions included!

I Might be Addicted...

 sex challenge 1 02

​30 days came and went quite quickly. Just like at the end of the last challenge, Adam wanted to buy us another congratulations gift. This time it was a very blunt HINT HINT gift. Looks like we are going to continue with the challenge folks.

P.S. My pussy is very angry at him with 30 days straight of getting beat up. I don't know how porn stars do it. My hats off to you ladies. I'm nervous about what's going to happen to my vag after doing 60 days. It may eventually fall off.