A woman wearing black heels and wrapping her legs around her husbands neck

This challenge just keeps on cumming and thank G-d I can't get pregnant anymore or we would be in deep shit. In Part 1 and Part 2 of this challenge, we went from 16 days to 30 days. Well on our 30th day Adam bought us a congratulations gift for finishing our 30 days sex challenge. I don't know if the gift made me want to laugh or punch him in the throat.

As soon as I thought we were finished with the challenge and we could go back to our regularly scheduled program, he hits me with this... A 30-day sex calendar. Ok at first I laughed and thought, "you spoiled shit". But then I started to read it and thought ok, this is kind of freaking cool.

sex challenge 3 02

How Adam and Eve describe it. "Bring A Month Of Sex into your bedroom, set it on your nightstand (or in the drawer) and for the next 30 days, open each door inside –– and do exactly as it says!"

It works like those Christmas Advent calendars, except instead of counting down to gifts under the tree –– you both count down to ecstasy!

Take turns opening the doors inside, each revealing instructions on how to perform a specific set of fantasies. You can assign each other specific weeks, days –– even months."

As soon as I opened the first little door, it ripped off. So be gentle. The doors will tear right off if you try to open them all the way through. So just take a peek instead... Here are a few examples for you. Some of them were hot and others were great fillers.


"Invite your lover to join you in the shower and then gently caress and wash their body. Using a waterproof toy, stimulate your lover while making love." This worked out great for us because we were already planning on taking a bath that evening so we just transferred it to a different location instead. Plus our shower is small and when I'm using a toy I can't stand or I'll fall to my knees when I cum. Sitting on the bathtub edge is a lot safer for everyone. :)


car positions

Sex in the car. I told Adam that knowing our luck, we would get caught and arrested. So I made sure that I did my hair (have to look good for my mug shot), slipped into a dress with no panties, and brought the calendar with us to show the cop so he would understand that we HAD TO DO IT. THE CALENDAR MADE US. Before we left I took a quick peek at different positions for the car and we drove to a private parking lot in front of our office. It was a great location because it was dark and private and we could use our office bathroom to go pee. Win-win


Press your lover up against the wall and then share a one-minute kiss. Slowly undress them before kneeling down to perform a tease of oral while they remain standing. You can choose to bring them to orgasm with your mouth or by making love in the standing position.

​The calendar is great because it's not filled with vanilla ideas. They are actually good ideas and the best part of it is you don't have to think. If you buy it on Adam and Eve, use my code MOMENTS for up to 50% discount plus free shipping. It's the best $7 we ever spent. Great job baby on our gift. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.