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Which Couple Are You?

When it comes to sex, many couples experience ups and downs throughout their relationship. Some may struggle to find intimacy, while others may find themselves feeling stuck in a sexual rut. However, for some couples, sex becomes a joyful and integral part of their lives, something that brings them closer together and enhances their connection.

A meme that says do I have a date for Valentines Day? Yes it's Feb 14th

1300 Days and Counting

As most of you know Adam and I started our sex challenge in 2019 and we are still going strong and we haven't screwed up once. It's pretty damn awesome and incredibly impressive to us. On Valentines Day 2023, we celebrated day 1288 so, at the end of this month, we will be at day 1301. Adam and I are always trying to come up with something creative to spice things up and keep it from becoming boring because we were afraid of running out of ideas and it would start to be blah in bed. Especially when you've had sex with the same partner every single day for almost 4 years. So we are constantly coming up with new toys, new positions, new locations, etc... and found that we were learning new things about each other's bodies and desires every single night.

Our relationship has always been amazing and we are truly best friends but our daily sex routine has brought us closer together than ever before and has helped us to deepen our emotional and physical connection. Doing this challenge has improved our marriage even more because we communicate so well and talk about fantasies, and desires, and are always looking for new ways to pleasure each other.

A meme that says nothing says romance like new sex toys!

 Butt Wait There's More

Ok, enough about the sex challenge. Let's talk about this year's Valentine's gift... Neither one of us are into Valentine's Day but this year Adam was so excited to buy me a gift that he saw on Adam and Eve called the Booty Sweller. Yes, you read that correctly. The Booty Sweller. I can't make this shit up. He came in and said, "Babe, I got you a new toy that you're probably going to hate but we are going to try it anyways :)" So fast forward to that evening and we are playing around, having fun with lots of alcohol and loud music. He then proceeds to blindfold me which most of you know I am not a big fan of. 24/7 I like to know what's going on and not be 100% out of control of any situation.


He starts playing around with my tushy and I'm thinking, ok not a big deal because, well we do that... then all of a sudden I'm saying, "Adam, it feels different. It feels like you're ripping me. ok now it really feels like you're ripping me. Ok now it feels like you are tearing into my soul through my bunghole". I immediately pulled it out and laughed harder than I have laughed in a long time and said "Are you freaking kidding me?" haha

I love my husband so much. He has gone from being romantic and sweet with gift-giving to this...

 booty sweller 01

​Oh but wait... There's more... and more and more and more. :) With each pump, it gets bigger and ends up looking like Grimace from McDonalds.   Gimace is its new name. :) I guess I can no longer expect kind and romantic gifts anymore.  This is what my future looks like. FML.

 booty sweller 02

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