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We Are Still At It

I'm happy to report we are still at it. If you have been following along with our sex challenge then you know how competitive my husband and I are and shouldn't be surprised at all that he hasn't stopped sticking it to me. Or in me, I should say. If you're new to my blog and a little behind on what's been going on, let me fill you in. Back in 2019 before Covid my husband and I started a fun little challenge because we wanted to celebrate being empty nesters and didn't want to become like a lot of other stories you hear about couples growing apart after their last child leaves the nest. So we started off with 16 days of having sex every day no matter what, no excuses. 16 days may sound easy but let me tell you.... Those first 16 days were rough. There were too many times we both wanted to just skip it and go to bed and we won't even talk about the amount of skin he lost on his dick from pussy burn. or how swollen my delicious lips were. It was ROUGH. but we got through it and haven't stopped.

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It's Not For Everyone

Let me start off by saying that this is not by any means an easy challenge. In fact, we both agree that if we had young children living at home we wouldn't have been so successful. Kids are exhausting. So this challenge is NOT for everyone and honestly, we haven't met anyone else whose been able to go more than 30 days. I eventually started referring to is as an Intimacy Challenge because it felt less intimidating and doable when talking about it to our friends or strangers. However, in reality, Adam and I are and have been committed to a real sex challenge for the past 900 days. 

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Intimacy VS Sex Challenge

So what is a Sex/Intimacy Challenge and what does it entail and what's the difference? Personally, for us it's simple. He has to have his Penis inside my Vagina EVERY SINGLE DAY. But for others who don't have the luxury of being physical every day then the Intimacy Challenge is perfect. Intimacy Challenge is when you are just intimate in any form way with your partner. Whether that's taking a romantic shower together, reading a sexual book out loud to each other, going on a walk without kids, or brushing each other's pubes, I don't fucking care. It's just about being intimate and showing each other that the other person is the most important person in their life and you are more than just glorified roommates trying to get through life together. Remind each other why you got together in the first place and never take it for granted. That's what it's all about. Feeling wanted or desired and just BEING INTIMATE.... 

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A lot of blog fans have asked us what we have gained in our relationship by having sex every day and if it has brought us closer together. So this blog is going to be short and to the point and I hope that it helps you start your own type of challenge. Remember this is YOUR relationship so you BOTH can create rules that will work best for you BOTH and are easy to accomplish with your home/work life..

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The Challenges And The Rewards

During our 900 days, we have been through A LOT together, and trust me when I say there were a few times when we almost quit. There was one night in particular when we had a pretty heated fight and he said our challenge was done. Well, I knew he would not only regret that the next morning but somehow put the blame on me that I was the reason we quit. The competitive "oh no you don't" side of me was not going to let that happen so I simply said, "Fine if you want to quit then we will quit but I don't want to quit and I'm ready and able, so it's 100% up to you and just remember I'm not the reason we quit, you are". Well his competitive side of him was not going to be the reason we quit. And here we are 900 days and counting. I knew he was just being emotional, he hadn't drunk enough water and he was hungry so he was being a temporary ass hat. If you're doing a challenge together and you know it's for great reasons then you both work hard at keeping it going. When one wants to quit the other one doesn't let them. I can hear the therapists right now saying that this is horrible advice but It's not.